Yasaman Maleki, Faculty Member of Alzahra University



1. The Scale Invariant Wigner Spectrum Estimation of Gaussian Locally Self-Similar Processes, Jul 2012 - Communication in Statistics- Theory and Methods

2. Discretization of Continuous Time Discrete Scale Invariant Processes: Estimation and Spectra, Jan 2016 - Journal of Statistical Physics (Q1)

3. Optimal Covariance Estimation of Discrete-Time Locally Self-Similar Processes in Time-Scale and Ambiguity Domain, Apr 2016 - Communication in Statistics- Theory and Methods

4. Optimal Scale Invariant Wigner Spectrum Estimation of Gaussian Locally Self-Similar Processes Using Hermite Functions, Dec 2017- Journal of Theoretical Probability (Q1)

5. Scale Parameter Estimation of Discrete Scale Invariant Processes, Dec 2017 Theory of Stochastic Processes

 6. براورد پارامتر هرست وابسته به زمان در زمین ­لرزه­های کالیفرنیا، مجله علوم و مهندسی زلزله (پذیرش قطعی- در نوبت چاپ)

7. Time-Dependent Scaling Pattern in Seismic Data, Journal of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering, to be appeared


8. Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test for Detection of Multivariate DSI Processes, Theory of Stochastic Processes, to be appeared


Seminars, Conferences and Workshops

1.Optimal Scale Invariant Wigner Cross-Spectrum Estimation, 2nd International Conference on Research in Engineering Science and Technology- 1394/12/08


2.Hurst Estimation of a Certain Discrete Scale Invariant Processes, هشتمين همايش ملي تخصصي آمار دانشگاه پیام نور-6 و 7 اسفند 93


3. A Nonparametric Estimator of Covariance Function for Parameterized Family of Locally Self-Similar Processes, BISP10-Milan, Italy. 12-14 June 2017

4. Optimal Estimation of Scale Invariant Wigner Spectrum Using Multitapers, ICOM 2018, Istanbul, Turkey

5. Detection of Multivariate Discrete Scale Invariant Processes Using GLR Test, ICOM 2018, Istanbul, Turkey

 6. A New Time-Frequency Method in Cross-Term Reduction of Scale Invariant

Wigner Spectrum, 49TH Annual Iranian Mathematics Conference, 2018, Tehran, Iran