Taraneh Haji Ashrafi , Faculty Member of Alzahra University


1) catena-Poly[[diphenylpropyltin(IV)]- µ-chloroacetato- κ2O:O'].

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2) rac-(3-Hydroxy-2-phenylpropionato-κO)triphenyltin(IV).

M. M. Amini, T. Hajiashrafi, A. Nemati Kharat, S. W. Ng, Acta Cryst., 2008, E64, m1403. 


3) cyclo-Hexa- µ2-diphenylacetato- κ12O:O'-hexa- µ3-oxido-hexakis[phenyltin(IV)].

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4) Di- and triorganotin(IV) carboxylates derived from triorganotin(IV) iodide with mixed organic groups on tin: Cyclic, hexameric triorganotin(IV)carboxylates.

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5) Catayitic oxidation of organosulfides to sulfoxides using two novel Cu(II) and Ni(II) complexes with aqueous H2O2; Effect of TMAO promoter on oxidation of organosulfides.

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6) Synthesis, Characterization, and Crystal Structures of Tris(2-pyridyl)phosphine Sulfide and Selenide.

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7)Preparation of Pd-Pt nano-particles on surfactant assisted sol-gel derived alumina and its application in glucose oxidation with molecular oxygen.

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8)Study of preparation methods and their effect on the morphology and texture of SAPO-34 for the methanol to olefin reaction.

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9)Synthesis, Characterization and Crystal Structure of three New Lanthanide (III) Complexes with [(6-methyl-2-pyridyl)methyl]bis(2-pyridylmethyl)amine (MeTPA) Ligand; New Precursors for    Lanthanide (III) Oxide Nano-Particles.

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10)Preparation and Characterization of Lanthanides Modified SAPO-34 Nano Catalysts and Measurement of Their Activity for Methanol to Olefin Conversion

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11)Formation of azarhodacyclobutanes with varying N-substitution

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12)Two new Cd (II) and Hg (II) coordination polymers containing 4-halo-N-(pyridin-4-ylmethylene) aniline ligands: Synthesis, nanostructure synthesis and crystal structure analysis

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13)Cationic half-sandwich Ru (II) complexes containing (N, N)-bound Schiff-base ligands: Synthesis, crystal structure analysis and spectroscopic studies

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14)Hg (II) coordination complexes containing the tris (2-pyridylmethyl) amine ligand: Synthesis, characterization and crystal structure analysis

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15)One-pot synthesis of tetrahydropyrimido [4, 5-b] quinoline derivatives using sulfonic acid functionalized SBA-15 and their antimicrobial activities

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16)Erbium-organic framework as heterogeneous Lewis acid catalysis for hantzsch coupling and tetrahydro-4H-Chromene synthesis

T. Hajiashrafi, M. Karimi, A. Heydari, A. Azhdari Tehrani. Catal. Lett. 2017, 147, 453-462


17)Terbium–organic framework as heterogeneous Lewis acid catalyst for βaminoalcohol synthesis: Efficient, reusable and green catalytic method

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18)An erbium–organic framework as an adsorbent for the fast and selective adsorption of methylene blue from aqueous solutions

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19)Highly efficient determination of malachite green in aquatic product using Tb-organic framework as sorbent

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20)Solid-state supramolecular architectures of a series of Hg (ii) halide coordination compounds based on hydroxyl-substituted Schiff base ligands

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21) The role of π–π stacking and hydrogen-bonding interactions in the assembly of a series of isostructural group IIB coordination compounds

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