Dr. Leila Samani, Faculty Member of Alzahra University

Work Experience

- 2007 head of the "Hazrat Fatemeh (s)" seminary

- 2008 training assistant of the "Hazrat Abd-Al-Azim (a)" seminary

- 2003 receptionist at management of female seminaries

- 2006 scientific council of seminaries management of Tehran

- The assessment group of Tehran, Semnan and Damghan 's seminaries

- The selection board of the 3th level Seminary students

- Executive manager of seminary's teacher's training course

Supervisory board of seminary exams

- Executive committee of the international congress "The position of Iranian and Arab thinker women in international talks"

- Executive committee of the international congress "The coexistence of Hazrat Fatemeh life" 

Thesis Guidance

- "The legitimacy of immatures worship" 

Master of Religions University

- "Philosophy of hijab in Islam"

Bachelor (level 2)

- "Jurisprudential basics of using alcohol in chemical products in the perspective of Imamieh"

Bachelor (level 2)

Evaluation of Articles

- Arbitration of the journals of Alzahra (s) University and women's cultural-social council

- Assessment of 13 articles entitled Hijab and Chastity in hospitals and health centers for presentation in hospitals

- assessment of articles for the International Congress "Position of Iranian and Arab thinker women in International talks"

- Arbitration of Jurisprudence and Basics of Law 's thesis