Dr. Leila Samani, Faculty Member of Alzahra University


Scietific experience

Ph.D: Jurisprudence & Basics of Law ( Comparative Studies of Islamic Religions ) University of Religions and Denominations

M. Sc: Jurisprudence & Islamic Law, Motahari University

B. Sc: theology (jurisprudence & Al-Osul) Management center of women seminaries tries to expand Islamic and theological education

Judgment: Tehran Judicial Training Center's Internship

 specialized courses:

simplified style edjucation, 3 theoretical and practical semesters

women studies, 2 semesters , women and family studies center


religious advertise abroad, 2 years, islamic culture and communication organization


The Clergy of Hajj course, jurisprudence  and contemporary  jurisprudence and arabic conversation, Hajj and endowment organization


Taekwondo and Kung Fu coaching, Taekwondo Federation

Teaching experience

-2012 until now - Al-Zahra University
Al-Osul ; basics of Al-Osul ; jurisprudence text ; contemporary jurisprudence ; argumental jurisprudence ; basics of jurisprudence ; civil procedure ; women rights and responsibilities in islamic law system ; family system's principles ; family jurisprudential rules ; the truth in islam
-2008 until 2012 - Imam Sadegh (a) University
Al-Osul ; adjustable jurisprudence ; jurisprudence texts
-2013 until 2015 0 - Tehran religions university
argumental jurisprudence ; rhetoric ; contemporary jurisprudence
-2006 until 2012 - Martyr Motahari University
Al-Osul and jurisprudence texts
-2000 until  now - Tehran seminaries
argumental and non-argumental jurisprudence ; Al-Osul ; arabic literature ; female in islam ; physical udjucation ; morality ; methodology and thesis