Hajar Salimi, Faculty Member of Alzahra University



Hajar Salimi Namin

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Art
Alzahra University
Member of Society of Children’s Book Illustrators
Member of Iranian Scientific Society of Artistic Researches

  •  PHD candidate of Art: 2017 - Research in Illustration - university of Tehran
  •  Master of Arts: 2009 - Illustration - university of Tehran
    • Thesis title: TRIZ theory in art/ evaluated as the best dissertation
    • Project: Twenty-frame illustration for ‘Teshne Laban’ book
  • Bachelor of Arts : 2005 - Graphic Design - university of Tehran
    • Thesis title: studying Kufic calligraphy history and its impact on contemporary graphic design
    • Project: Designing a modern font inspired by Kufic calligraphy/ evaluated as the best project
  • Address : Faculty of Art , Alzahra university ,Tehran , Iran.
  • Tel : +989127214906
  • Website: hajarsalimi.ir
  • E-mail:  salimi@alzahra.ac.ir