Gholam Reza Nasiri , Faculty Member of Alzahra University

  • Publications

Jornal Papers (Indexed in WOS, JCR)

1. G. Reza Nasiri, Hamid Davoudpour and Behrooz Karimi, 2010, The Impact of Integrated Analysis on Supply chain Management: A Coordinated Approach for Inventory Control Policy, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Vol. 15, No. 4, pp. 277-289. (Link)


2.G. Reza Nasiri and Hamid Davoudpour, 2012, Coordinated location, distribution and inventory decisions in supply chain network design: A multobjective approach, South African Journal of Industrial Engineering, Vol. 23, No.2, pp.159-175. (Link)


3.G. Reza Nasiri, Roholla Zolfaghari and Hamid Davoudpour, 2014, An integrated supply chain production-distribution planning with stochastic demands, Computers & Industrial Engineering, Vol.77, pp.35-45. (Link)


4.G. Reza Nasiri, Nasim Ghaffari and Hamid Davoudpour, 2015, Location-inventory and shipment decisions in an integrated distribution system: An efficient heuristics solution, European Journal of Industrial Engineering, Vol.9, No.5, pp.613-637. (Link)


5.G. Reza Nasiri, Mohammad Kalantari and Behrooz Karimi, 2020, Fast-moving consumer goods network design in an uncertain environment with correlated demand, Computers & Industrial Engineering, In Press. (Link)

Jornal Papers (Indexed in Scopus, ...)

1.G. Reza Nasiri, Hamid Davoudpour and Yaser Movahedi, A Genetic Algorithm Approach for the Multi-commodity, Multi-period Distribution Planning in a Supply Chain Network Design, SEMCCO 2010, LNCS 6466, pp. 494–505, 2010. (Link)


2.Salehi, H., Moghaddam, R.T., Nasiri, G.R., 2015, A multi-objective location-allocation problem with lateral transshipment between distribution centers, International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management, Vol. 22, No.4, pp. 464-482. (Link)

Jornal Papers (Indexed in ISC)- Persian Language

1. Nasiri, G.R., Karimi B., Torabi S.A., Jolai F., (2007). Hierarchical production planning in make to order systems (with a case study). International Journal of Engineering science, Iran University of Science and Technology, 17(6), 109-120.


2. Miandoabchi, E., Nasiri, G.R., Zamanian, A.R. (2020). A systematic diagnostic of Iran’s road transport for export and providing solutions based on SWOT approach, Journal of Transportation Research, In Press.

Conference Papers

1. G. Reza Nasiri, Hamid Davoudpour and Behrooz Karimi, 2009. A multi-objective approach to designing a multi-commodity supply chain distribution network with multiple capacities, Prospects for Research in Transport and Logistics on a Regional-Global Perspective, pp. 277- 282, Turkey.


2. Ghaffari, N., Davoudpour, H. and Nasiri, G.R., (2012). Distribution network design with lateral transshipment between distribution centers. Proceeding of 8th International conference on Industrial Engineering, Tehran, Iran.