Zohreh Nafissi, Faculty Member of Alzahra University



PhD: Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

MSc: Modern English Language 

BA: Modern English Language

Feilds of Teachings:

PhD Courses

 Second Language Acquisition 


Culture and Identity in Teaching Language 

 First Language Acquisition 

Critiques of Language Teaching Methods 

Learning Theories

  MA Courses     

 Research Methods 


 Practical Teaching 


  Critiques of Language Teaching Methods  

 Teaching Skills 

BA Courses 

 Reading and Comprehension 1

Reading and Comprehension 2 

 3 Reading and Comprehension 

Study Skills 

 Letter Writing 

Islamic Text Translation 1 

Islamic Text Translation 2 

Teaching Methods

 General English (Courses in Literature; Accountancy, Basic Sciences; Social Sciences; Arts; Arabic;Religious Jurisprudence; Islamic mysticism; History of Civilization;  Industry; Management; Psychology; Theology; Religion and Philosophy; Economics; Computer)