Samaneh Mosaferi , Faculty Member of Alzahra University


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Poster presentation

  • Leaf and stem anatomical study of two Polygonum s.str. species in Iran, 19th national and 7th international congress of Biology, Tabriz, Sep. 2016.
  • Stem anatomical study of Persicaria species and diagnostic value of characters, 19th national and 7th international congress of Biology, Tabriz, Sep. 2016.
  • Chemosystematic investigation of flavenoid in annual species of Polygonum s.str. (Polygonaceae) in Iran. National congress of medicinal plants, Tehran, May 2017.
  • Identification of weeds flora of Baladeh (Mazandaran province), 7th Iranian weed Science Congress, Gorgan, Sep. 2017. 
  • Chemotaxonomic investigation of phenolic compounds in selected annual species of Polygonum s.str (Polygonacea) in Iran based on HPLC analysis. 7th Iranian weed Science Congress, Gorgan, Sep. 2017.
  • Micromorphological study of medicinal plant Cichorium L. in Iran. 8th National congress of medicinal plants, Tehran, April 2019.
  • Macro and micromorphological study of cypsela in three species of Cirsium (Asteraceae) in Iran. 8th National congress of medicinal plants, Tehran, April 2019.
  • Micromorphological study of weedy Polypogon Species in Iran. 8th Iranian weed Science Congress, Mashhad, August. 2019.
  • Micromorphological study of glume surface in Eremopyrum from Poaceae in Iran. 16th National Iranian Crop Science Congress, Ahvaz, January 2020.

Oral presentation

  • Genetic diversity of Persicaria minor (Polygonaceae) in Iran. Caryophyllales 2015. Freie University Berlin. September 2015.
  • Genetic diversity of Persicaria species in Iran. Plant systematics Priorities and Challenges. University of Delhi. India. November 2017.



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