Hamed Moqtaderi, Faculty Member of Alzahra University

Journal Papers

  1. Kebriti, S., Moqtaderi, H. Numerical simulation of convective non-Newtonian power-law solid-liquid phase change using the lattice Boltzmann method, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 159, 2021.

  2. Kiaeenajad A, Moqtaderi H, Mahmoodi N-M, Maerufi S-M. Design and Construction of a Microbial Fuel Cell for Electricity Generation from Municipal Wastewater Using Industrial Vinasse as Substrate. Modares Mechanical Engineering, 20(9):2403-2412, 2020.

  3. Hamedi, F. and Moqtaderi, H. Simulation and Parametric Analysis of Zigzag Cooling Flow Path in a Disc-Type Transformer Winding to Investigate Parameters Affecting Cooling Conditions. Modares Mechanical Engineering, 19(5):1177-1186, 2019.

  4. Abdollahzadeh, Y., Mansourpour, Z., Moqtaderi, H., Ajayebi, S.N., and Mohaghegh Montazeri, M. A molecular collision based Lattice Boltzmann method for simulation of homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions. Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 136:456–467, 2018.

  5. Kakouei, A., Rasaei, M., Vatani, A., Sola, B. Sedaee, and Moqtaderi, H. Investigating the pore-level heterogeneity pattern on non-Darcy flow using lattice Boltzmann method simulation. Journal of Porous Media, 21(8):701-720, 2018.

  6. Kakouei, A., Vatani, A., Rasaei, M., Sola, B. Sedaee, and Moqtaderi, H. Cessation of Darcy regime in gas flow through porous media using LBM: Comparison of pressure gradient approaches. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 45:693–705, 2017.

  7. Gohari, S.M.I., Esfahanian, V., and Moqtaderi, H. Coalesced simulation of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations over an airfoil using graphics processing unit. Computers and Fluids, 80:102–115, 2013.

  8. Moqtaderi, H. and Esfahanian, V. Evaluation of a new solid boundary implementation in the lattice Boltzmann method for porous media considering permeability and apparent slip. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A, 369:2193–2201, 2011.

  9. Monfared, N. Abolhassani, Gharib, N., Moqtaderi, H., Hejabi, M., Amiri, M., Torabi, F., and Mosahebi, A. Prediction of state-of-charge effects on lead-acid battery characteristics using neural network parameter modifier. Journal of Power Sources, 158:932–935, 2006.

Conference Papers


  1. Hamedi, F. and Moqtaderi, H. Prediction of hot-spot phenomena in disc-type transformer windings with zigzag coolant flow path. in 17th Conference On Fluid Dynamics, Shahrood, Iran, 27-29, August 2017.

  2. Moqtaderi, H., Nasrabadi, M., and Salavati-Zadeh, A. Relative permeability prediction for a high density ratio two-phase flow in a heterogeneous porous media using a 3D pore-scale analysis. in ICMMES, Nant, France, 17-21, July 2017.

  3. Abbasizadeh, F. and Moqtaderi, H. Simulation of the discharge performance of the anode in microbial fuel cells considering a mediated transfer mechanism. in 5th Conference on Emerging Trends in Energy Conservation, Tehran, Iran, 22-23, Feb 2016.

  4. Moqtaderi, H., Hesari, H. Dashtaki, and Mohaghegh, S.M. Environmental, economic and technical assessment of flare gas recovery system using solid oxide fuel cell. in Energy Systems Conference, London, UK, 14-15, June 2016.

  5. Abbasizadeh, F. and Moqtaderi, H. One-dimensional model development for a microbial fuel cell to study bacteria and substrate concentration effects on current density. in 5th National Conference on Environment, Energy and Biodefense, Tehran, Iran, 29, August 2016.

  6. Zargarnejad, H., Moqtaderi, H., and Kakooei, A. Study on effects of using SRT and MRT lattice Boltzmann models in pore-scale simulation in porous media. in 6th national conference of CFD applications in chemical and oil industries, Isfahan, Iran, 27, May 2015.

  7. Kakooie, A., Moqtaderi, H., Rasaee, M., and Zargarnejad, H. Pore-scale simulation of a 3D non-Darcy ॺow in porous media using LBM to improve natural gas storage process. in 6th national conference of CFD applications in chemical and oil industries, Isfahan, Iran, 27, May 2015.

  8. Moqtaderi, H., Salahi, M.M., Khodkar, M.A., and Esfahanian, V. Simulation of an inviscid compressible flow by LBM using graphics processing unit. in 15th Conference on Fluid Dynamics, Bandar-Abbas, Iran, 17-19, December 2013.

  9. Moqtaderi, H., Javaheri, A., Salavati-Zadeh, A., and Esfahanian, V. Thermodynamic simulation of a Wankel engine using AVL-BOOST accompanying experimental verification. in AVL AST Users Conference, Graz, Austria, 18-20, June 2013.

  10. Gohari, S.M.I., Esfahanian, V., Moqtaderi, H., and Mahmoodi-Darian, H. Coalesced simulations of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations over an airfoil using graphics processing units. in GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, California, USA, 2012.

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  20. Hoviattalab, M. and Moqtaderi, H. Design of fuzzy controller for postural balance while standing. in 10th National Iranian conference on Biomedical Engineering, Tehran, Iran, 2001.