University Teaching Experience


● Associate Professor, Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran, 2018–2021.

● Assistant Professor, Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran, 2013–2018.

● Instructor of English, Shahid Rajaei Teacher Education University, Tehran, Iran, 2010–2011.

● Invited Instructor, Allameh Tabatabaei University, Tehran, Iran, 2010.

● Instructor of English, Elmi Karbordi University, Tehran, 2009.

● Instructor of English, Oloum-e Hadith University (Virtual University Program), Shahr-e Rey, 2006–2007.

● Instructor of English for Specific Academic Purposes, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran, 2003–2007.


Courses Taught


● Qualitative and Mixed Research Methods (PhD)

● Culture and Identity in Language Education (PhD)

● Sociolinguistics (PhD)

● Culture and Identity in Language Education (MA)

● Discourse Analysis (MA)

● Qualitative Research Methodology (MA)

● Sociolinguistics (MA)

● Academic Writing (MA)

● Language Teaching Methodology (Undergraduate)

● Principles of Translation (Undergraduate)

● English for Students of Medicine (Undergraduate)

● Reading I (Undergraduate)

● Reading II (Undergraduate)

● General English (Undergraduate) 

● Pre-University English (Undergraduate)


Research Supervision



● Taromsari, S. M. (In progress). [Language teacher agency in the Iranian EFL context]. (PhD Dissertation, Alzahra University)

● Rashed, F. (In progress). Policies and practices of writing and publishing academic journal articles in English by Iranian academics. (PhD Dissertation, Alzahra University)

● Divanbegi, H. (In progress). Covert policies of ELT embedded in professional practices of selected Iranian language institutes and publishers. (PhD Dissertation, Alzahra University) (Co-supervised)

● Noori, M. (2021). Examining the content of IELTS preparation materials: A critical applied linguistics perspective (PhD Dissertation, Alzahra University)



● Kiaaskari, L. (In progress). [MA TEFL Academic Programs] . (MA Thesis, Alzahra University)

● Rezvani, F. (2021). [Academic writing]. (MA Thesis, Alzahra University)

● Biparva, E. (2021). A meta-analysis of sociocultural studies on English language teaching (ELT) in Iran within the past two decades. (MA Thesis, Alzahra University)

● Hashempour, Y. (2021). An exploration of teaching academic writing to MA TEFL students in universities of Tehran. (MA Thesis, Alzahra University)

● Emadi, A. (2021). Developing local English language teaching materials for Iranian elementary learners based on a whole language approach. (MA Thesis, Alzahra University)

● Khodras Haghighi, N. (2020). Applying multiple literacies in English language teaching in Iran. (MA Thesis, Alzahra University)

● Aryankhah, Z. (2020). The role of promotional discourse in shaping social cognitions regarding ELT in Iran. (MA Thesis, Alzahra University)

● Sharif, N. (2019). A Microethnographic study of teaching English to very young learners in a language institute in Tehran. (MA Thesis, Alzahra University)

● Bayat, G. (2019). A narrative inquiry on perspectives of a group of English language teachers about their sociocultural role in Iran. (MA Thesis, Alzahra University)

● Faghani, Z. (2019). English language learning imagined communities in Iran. (MA Thesis, Alzahra University)

● Teimouri, S. (2019). Pre-school English language teaching in Iran. (MA Thesis, Alzahra University)

● Motezakker, S. (2019). Executive plans of the U.S. Department of State for English language teaching worldwide. (MA Thesis, Alzahra University)

● Affifezadeh, M. (2019). A comparative study of MA TEFL admission processes in Iran and selected universities around the world. (MA Thesis, Alzahra University)

● Babu, S. (2018). American policies of teaching the English language worldwide. (MA Thesis, Alzahra University)

● Bahrampour, A. (2017). English language teacher recruitment policy and practice in selected Iranian universities, high schools, and language institutes. (MA Thesis, Alzahra University)

● Pakizehdel, H. (2017). A whole language approach to teaching courses of General English at an Iranian university. (MA Thesis, Alzahra University)

● Rashed, F. (2016). Reflection and reproduction of lifestyles in an Iranian ELT context. (MA Thesis, Alzahra University)


Other Teaching Experiences


● English Teacher, Public High Schools, Board of Education, Tehran, Iran, 2002–2013.

● English Teacher, Rahil Language Institute, Tehran, 2009.

● English Tutor, Hamrahan-e Aftab Cultural Institute, Tehran, Iran, 2005–2009.

● English Teacher, Sokhan Language School, Tehran, 2003–2004.

● English Teacher, Private High Schools, Tehran, Iran, 2000–2005.

● Elementary English Teacher, Shokouh Private Language Institute, Babolsar, Iran, 1999.