Dr. Maryam Haghighi, Faculty Member of Alzahra University


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Seminars &Conferences

1.      Modeling and Simulation of Syngas Production from Methane in Membrane Reactor with Palladium and Provskite.7th National Chemical Engineering Congress in Tehran university.(Oral presentation)(2002) 

2.      A New Flexible mathematical model to rating an air cooler and comparison with experimental data, The 5th International Chemical Engineering Congress (IChEC 2008) 

3.      Enhancing The Effective Thermal Conductivity of Open-Cell Metal Foam, 8th Canadian congress (2008-poster)

 4.      The effect of geometrical characteristics on effective thermal conductivity in high porosity metal foam media using a developed general analytical model, 11thMediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering (2009-poster) 

5.      Numerical Study of Heat Transfer Enhancement of laminar flow of Nanofluids in a horizontal tube, 11th International Conference on Chemical & Process Engineering, Milan, Italy

6.      Particle Sedimentation investigation in Fully Developed Al2O3/ Water Nano-fluid Pipe Flow, ESCAPE24

 7.      Simulation and Modeling of Laminar flow of a Nanofluid in a horizontal Pipe, The 8th international chemical engineering congress and exhibition, poster, 2013


Research Intrests:

* Our research interest focus on the synthesis of Zeolites, MOFs and organometallic complexes based on transition metals-aimed toward the understanding and controlling the complexity within some reactions. Studies on both the energy carriers and the energy storage systems are currently ongoing in the lab. In particular, we are interested in new pathways for the fabrication of new ligands suitable for biodiesel production, H2 storage and methanol formation, .... Furthermore, the electronic characteristics of these ligands and the metal centers display promising reactivity for methanol formation. Insights obtained from studies on mechanism can lead to design new catalysts with novel catalytic activity.
 * In addition, the applications of synthesized nano-structures (Nano catalysts & Zeolites) were studied in a pilot scale reactor in our applied chemistry laboratory. My current research also, emphasizes adsorption isotherms of different absorbents and catalytic applications of nanomaterials in oil and gas industries.