Soheila jalali Kondori, Faculty Member of Alzahra University


Dr.Soheila jalali Kondori


Associate Professor of:

 Department of Quranic Studies and Hadith,

 Faculty of Theology and Islamic Sciences.

 ‎Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran(ROR.013cdqc34)



Soheila Jalali Kondori is Associate Professor of Quranic studies and Hadith at Alzahra university.
Her interests include women’s studies, content analysis of Islamic studies, semantic fields of the
words in the Holy Quran, modern linguistic studies of Quran, and Quran and Hadith studies.
She is the author of Understanding Jews (2001) and Muslim Women, Seculation or Social
Participation (2004).
She joined the faculty of theology and Islamic studies of Alzahra university in 2000. Since then
she has been the advisor of more than 60 master students. Since offering of Ph.D. programs in
Quranic studies and Hadith faculty at Alzahra university, in 2014, she has been an active member
and is the advisor of several Ph.D. students.
She was the editor-in-chief of journal of Quran and Hadith Sciences Research of Alzahra
university from 2004 to 2010. Furthermore, she has been the editor of several journals called
Studies of Understanding Hadith, Interpretation and language of Quran, Comparative Theology,
Hadith Mysticism Studies, Nahjolbalagheh Research, Quranic Doctrine, and Researches of Quran
and Hadith Sciences.





Ph.D :Quranic studies and Hadith

M. Sc :Quranic studies and Hadith

B. Sc :Quranic studies and Hadith



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