Dr. Hannaneh Heidari Soufiani, Faculty Member of Alzahra University


  •  Ultrasonic assisted synthesis of nanocrystalline cellulose as support and reducing agent for Ag nanoparticles: green synthesis and novel effective nanocatalyst for degradation of organic dyes
    H Heidari, M Karbalaee     

Applied Organometallic Chemistry  (2019)

KR Shamskar, H Heidari, A Rashidi.

Journal of Polymers and the Environment, (2019 )

H Heidari, K Nikoofar, Y Shahedi

  • Nano crystalline cellulose sulfuric acid (s-NCC): A novel green nanocatalyst for the synthesis of polyhydroxy pyrimidine-fused heterocyclic compounds (PPFHs)

K Nikoofar, H Heidari, Y Shahedi

Cellulose, Springer, 25(10) (2018) 5695

  • Ag nanoparticle/nanofibrillated cellulose composite as an effective and green catalyst for reduction of 4-nitrophenol 

H Heidari

Journal of cluster science- Springer,29 (3)(2018) 475.

  •  Investigation of Catalytic activity of nanofibrillated and nanobacterial cellulose sulfuric acid in synthesis of dihydropyrimidoquinolinetriones 

K Nikoofar, H Heidari, Y Shahedi

 Research on Chemical Intermediates-Springer, 44 (7)(2018) 4533- 4546 

کامپوزیت نانوسلولز/ نانومواد معدنی: بررسی روشهای تهیه و کاربردهای محیطی•

  حنانه حیدری

 نشریه دنیای نانو، زمستان 96، صفحات 30-38 

• Preparation and evaluation of nanocellulose aerogels from raw cotton and cotton stalk

KR Shamskar, H Heidari, A Rashidi.

Industrial Crops and Products - Elsevier, 93(2016)203

• Preparation of cellulose nanocrystal hydrogel and aerogel from cotton pulp and its application as thermal insulation

KR Shamskar, H Heidari, A Rashidi.


• Ru(II) complexes bearing tertiaryphosphine ligands. A novel and efficient homogeneous catalyst for one-pot synthesis of dihydropyrano[3,2-c]chromene and tetrahydrobenzo[b]pyran derivatives

K Tabatabaeian, H Heidari, M Mamaghani, NO Mahmoodi.

Applied Organometallic Chemistry - John Wiley&Sons, 26 (2012)56.

• Synthesis of biscoumarin derivatives by the reaction of aldehydes and 4-hydroxycoumarin using ruthenium (III) chloride hydrate as a versatile homogeneous catalyst

K Tabatabaeian, H Heidari, M Mamaghani, NO Mahmoodi.

J. Serb. Chem. Soc, 77(4)(2012)407

• Nano-crystalline magnesium oxide as a versatile heterogeneous catalyst for the Meerwein_Ponndorf_Verley reduction of cyclohexanone into cyclohexanol: Effect of preparation method of magnesium oxide on yield

H Heidari, M Abedini, A Nemati, MM Amini.

Catalysis letters –Springer, 130(2009)266


• III International Conference Catalysis: fundamentals and application July 4-8, 2007 Novosibirsk – Russia 

• International catalysis conference (ICC) April 28-30, 2008 Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran

• 9th Iranian inorganic chemistry conference, March 7-8 2007, Semnan

• 11th Iranian inorganic chemistry conference, April 2009, Isfahan

• 12th Iranian inorganic chemistry conference, 15-17 september 2010, Guilan University, Rasht, Iran

• 13th Iranian inorganic chemistry conference, 7-8 september 2011, Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran

• 15th Iranian chemistry congress (ICC 2011), 4-6 september 2011, Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamedan, Iran

• همایش فناوری های نوین در کنترل آلودگی های محیط زیست، تهران ، اردیبهشت 92

• کنفرانس سراسری محیط زیست و انرژی ایران- مرداد 93

  • 18th Iranian inorganic chemistry conference,, 7-9 March 2017, Ferdowsi University, Mashhad, Iran
  • 25th Iranian organic chemistry conference, 2-4 August 2017, Tehran, Iran
  • 2th Iranian Applied chemistry seminar, 27-29 August 2017,University of Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran

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