Dr. Mina Ghiasi, Faculty Member of Alzahra University


Physical chemistry at Sharif University of Technology (2003 -2007).

Supervisor: Dr. Mohsen Tafazzoli

Thesis title: Study of conformational analysis of some biochemical molecules by advance nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and theoretical methods.

M. Sc:

Physical chemistry at University of Shahid Beheshti (2000 - 2003).

Thesis title: Experimental and theoretical study of chemical reduction of biliverdin to bilirubin.

Supervisor: Dr. Mansour Zahedi and Dr. Nasser Safari.

B. Sc:
Applied chemistry, 1996 -2000 Sharif University of Technology.


Teaching Areas

Physical chemistry 1 and 2, molecular spectroscopy, general chemistry, biochemistry, statistical thermodynamic, computational chemistry, physical chemistry lab 1 and 2.
Operation of the Bruker 80 MHz NMR spectrometer about two years.
Operation of the Bruker 500 MHz NMR spectrometer about five years and practice advance. techniques of NMR spectroscopy, two dimensional NMR, such as COSY, HMQC, HMBC, HSQC and …...of biochemical molecules such as Oligosaccharide.