Somayeh Fathali , Faculty Member of Alzahra University

Journal Publications


Fathali, S., Emadi Andani, A. (Forthcoming). CALL research in Iran: An integrative review of the studies between 2007-2019. CALL-EJ


Fathali, S., Marandi, S. S., & Okada, T. (Forthcoming). ICT beyond the language classroom in technologically advanced and advancing countries: The case of Japan and Iran. Iranian Journal of Language Teaching Research (IJLTR)


Fathali, S., Marandi, S. S., & Okada, T. (2020). Unknowns beyond the language classroom: An investigation of Japanese students’ actual engagement with ICT. Computer-Assisted Language Learning Electronic Journal, 21 (2), 150-175.


Fathali, S., & Okada, T. (2018). Technology acceptance model in technology-based OCLL contexts: A self-determination theory approach. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 34 (4), 138-154.


Okada, T., & Fathali, S. (2018). A blended EFL reading course based on the idea of the learner-annotated corpus. 日本e-learning 学会, 18, 19-28.


Fathali, S., & Okada, T. (2017). A self-determination theory approach to technology-enhanced out-of-class language learning intention: A case of Japanese EFL learners. International Journal of Research Studies in Language Learning, 6 (4), 53-64. doi. 10.5861/ijrsll.2016.1607


Fathali, S., & Okada, T. (2016). On the importance of out-of-class language learning environments: A case of a web-based e-portfolio system enhancing reading proficiency. International Journal on Studies in English Language and Literature, 4 (8), 77-85. doi:10.20431/2347-3134.0408011


Fathali, S., & Sotoudehnama, E. (2015). The Impact of Guided Writing Practice on the Speaking Proficiency and Attitude of EFL Elementary Learners. Journal of Teaching Language Skills7 (1), 1-25.


Sorouri, S., Fathali, S., & Emadi Andani, A. (Under review). A Move analysis on Iranian English language institute websites: Homepage and About Us. Manuscript submitted for publication


Conference presentations


Fathali, S., Marandi, S. S., & Okada, T. (2021). A comparative study of Japanese and Iranian students’ use of ICT for language learning beyond the classrooms. Paper Presented at the 1st National Conference Recent Development in English Language Teaching, Literature, and Translation. Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran


Fathali, S., & Okada, T. (2016). Motivation and technology-based out-of-class language learning: Mediating effect of technology acceptance indicators. Paper presented at BAAL Language Learning and Teaching SIG. Lancaster University, Lancaster, United Kingdom.


Okada, T., Sakamoto, Y., & Fathali, S. (2016, September). The integration of three e-learning technologies for Japanese EFL reading classes. Paper presented at Annual Meeting of BAAL. Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, United Kingdom.


Fathali, S. (2017). Breaking the walls of unknow7)ction of tns beyond the language class. Research idea presented at Falling Walls Lab Sendai. Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan.


Fathali, S., Marandi, S. S., & Okada, T. (2019). An investigation of Japanese EFL learners’ actual practice with ICT beyond the language classrooms. Paper Presented at the 19th Annual Conference of the Japan Second Language Acquisition (J-SLA). Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan.



  • Academic PowerPoint presentations: Tips & warnings (Alzahra University, May 2021)
  • Writing better research papers using Microsoft Office Word (Alzahra University, 2018)
  • Online sources for learning English (Alzahra University, 2013)


Awards, honors, scholarships

  • Post-doctoral Fellowship, Centre for International Science and Technology Cooperation (CISTC), (2018)

  • Tohoku University President’s Award for outstanding academic achievements (2018)

  • Japanese MEXT doctoral scholarship, Monbukagakusho  (2014)

  • MA top student award, Alzahra University (2014)

  • BA top student award, Alzahra University (2012)

  • Kish Language institute award for the best teacher of the year, (2010)