Fatemeh Pourmasjedian, Faculty Member of Alzahra University



1.   Article on the rights of the child in international law, in particular the Convention on the Rights of the Child; the Encyclopedia of the
 Islamic World, the Islamic Encyclopedia;
2.   Article on the Privacy Domain;Encyclopedia of Islamic World, Islamic Encyclopedia;
3.   Article on the Explaining the Legal Nature and Differences of the Internet Domain Name; Journal of Law and Policy of Islamic Azad
 University, oloum tahghighat

                4.   Article on "Policy of Iran's Legal System Against parents Accordance on Custody", Journal of Women and Family Studies,

           Women's Research Institute of Alzahra University;

5.   Abstracts article "The Role of the Legal System in the Current Situation of Behavior and Coverage in Universities and Educational Centers of the Country", National Conference on Scientific and Applied Approaches to Chastity and Hijab, Alzahra University, 7th and 8th of Azar,
 1396; Tehran;
6.   Abstract article "Legal nature and dispute resolution solutions of service level agreements in the field of cloud computing", International 
Conference on Legal Aspects of Information and Communication Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, 5th 
and 6th of March, 1396; Tehran;




          1.   Presentation of the article "Examining the Legal Dimensions of Domain Name as Intellectual Property in Cyberspace", Conference on the Current and Future of Communication and Media Rights in Iran, Allame Tabatabai University, May 1395, Tehran;

          2.   The presentation of the article "The Status of Women's Right to Education i-n the Constitution of Iran and the Arab Countries", International Conference on the Status of Iranian and Arab Female Women, Al-Zahra University,Tehran, Iran;

          3.   Presentation of the article “The rights of children in international law and ensuring implementation ",international Conference on the Children's Rights Between Law and Society: Reality and Ambition,University of Medical Sciences Jabbranhelhian, 14-15/10/2017, Republic of Iraq;

Translated books:

1. Translation of the Kuwaiti, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Oman Constitution;assistance of Drafting and publishing presidential laws and regulations
2.  Compilation of the book of the legal nature and ownership of the Internet domain name, Majd Publications;
3.  Compilation of the book on the rights of minorities, the rights of the woman of the child and several other articles, the Encyclopedia of the Islamic World Library;


Research activities: 
1-    Collaboration with the Parliamentary Research Center on Comparative Study of the Rights of the Child in Canada (Quebec)
2-    Collaboration with Imam Sadiq University Sisters Campus for guidance on student dissertation;