Farshad Darvishi - Faculty Member of Alzahra University

Work Experience

  • New and powerful methods of synthetic biology for strain improvement

- CRISPR–Cas system for yeast genome editing and uracil excision reaction-based (USER) cloning

- In vivo assembly or CasEMBLR method

- Knock-out and knock-in of genes by CRISPR–Cas system

  • Molecular biology and genetic engineering methods

- PCR methods (PCR, Nested-PCR, PCR-RFLP, RT- PCR, Real-time PCR)

- PCR primer design (using OLIGO and other software)

- Bioinformatics (using NCBI, SGD and other databases)

- Gene cloning methods (Genomic DNA and Plasmid extraction, Transformation, PCR products and Plasmid digestion, Ligation,...)

- ELISA, Western Blot, Flow cytometry, Cell Culture, HPLC, GC.

  • Bioprocess Engineering

- Upstream processing (microbial strain isolation and improvement, media development and optimization by design of experiments)

- Fermentation processing (in small, pilot and industrial scale bioreactors)

- Downstream processing (bioseparation, product recovery and purification, spray drying and freeze drying,…)

Editorial Board

- Editorial Board Member of Iranian Journal of Biology
- Editorial Board Member of Applied Biology
- Associate Editor of Journal of Molecular and Cellular Research
- Associate Editor of Biological Journal of Microorganism
- Invited Guest Editor for a Special Issue by Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology

Professional Society Membership

- Society for Applied Microbiology (SfAM). 2014-continued.
- European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB). 2010-continued.
- Iranian society of Microbiology (ISM). 2003-continued.
- Iranian society of Biology (ISB). 2000-continued.