Sedighe Dadras, Faculty Member of alzahra University

Teaching Experiences:

BSc. Course:

1-Laser and its Applications (O.Svelto).
2-Basic Physics I (Fundamentals of Physics, D. Halliday
3-Basic Physics II (Fundamentals of Physics, D. Halliday
4-Physics Lab I (Mechanics).
5-Physics Lab II (Electricity).
6-Physics Lab III (Sound, Heat, Optics).
7-Modern Physics Lab.
8-Nuclear Physics Lab.
9-Thermodynamics Lab.
10-Electronic Fundamental and Applications (J. Millman ).
11-Solid state physics (C. Kittel).
12-Electromagnetism (J R.Reitz, F. J. Milford et. al.).
13-Electromagnetism II (J R.Reitz, F. J. Milford et. al.).

MSc. Course:

1-Advanced Solid State Physics I (Solid State Physics, N. Ashcraft and N. Mermin).
2-Special Subjects (Nano metric systems).
3-Superconductivity ( P.G.DE Gennes - A.K. Saxena)

PhD. Course:

1-Special topics(Nanotechnology and Nanometric systems) (J.Ramsden – L.Gabor - C.P.Poole)