Sedighe Dadras, Faculty Member of alzahra University

Graduate Supervision:

1. Fahimeh Irani (2013) Fabrication and Investigation of Carbon doped YBCO high temperature superconductor.
2. Parvin Taherkhani(2013) Investigation and Simulation of transformer with CNT doped high temperature superconductor windings.

3. Zeinab Aryanpour (2014) Fabrication and Synthesis of SiC nano particles doped Y-123 high temperature superconductor.

4. Maryam Vasheghani Farahani (2014) Synthesis and Investigation of magnetic and electrical properties of carbon nanotubes and its doping effect on high temperature superconductor.

5. Elaheh Soufi abadi (2014) Synthesis and Investigation of mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes and its doping effect on high temperature superconductor.

6. Mahshid Ghavamipour (2015) synthesize and characterization of CNT doped Y-123 superconductor by using of microwave oven.

7. Elaheh Aawani (2015) Fabrication and characterization of YBCO high temperature superconducting nanowires with nanoporous alumina template

8. Raziyeh Bayat (2016) Fabrication and Characterization of Uniform TiO2 Nanorods arrays by Sol-Gel Method and Powder Method Using Porous Alumina Template.

9.Elham  Zafar razaghnia (2016) Fabrication and Investigation of Copper nanowire using porous Alumina template.

10. Shima Sharifi (2016)  Synthesis and investigation of the carbon nanotubes optical properties.

11. Zahra Ghareh gazloo (2016) Fabrication and Characterization of Gold Nano-Particle Doping YBCO High Temperature Superconductor.

12.Masoomeh Davoodinia (2017) Fabrication and investigation the competitive effect of silver nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes of doping YBCO high temperature superconductor. 

13. Sousan Dehghani (2017) Fabrication and investigation of nano Graphene Oxide doping on YBCO high temperature superconductor.

14. Maryam Faraji (2017) Synthesis and investigation of carbon nanotubes using porous alumina template.