Name & Family , Faculty Member of Alzahra University


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Seminars and Conferences

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1- Quran and Woman (Rereading the Sacred Text From a Woman's Perspective), (Translation and Criticism), Elmi Publication, 2015.

2- A Comparative Approach to the Characteristics of Patience from the Perspective of Islam and Psychology, (Scientific Edition), Waraye Danesh Publication, 2015.

Theorizing chairs

1- Promotionali scentific chair "Criticism of the doubt of historicity in women-oriented interpretations of the Qur'an", June 2022.

2- Promotionali scentific chair "Discovering the inter-thematic relations of Alavi policy", March 2017.

3- Promotionali scentific chair "Review and Critique of the doubt of Conflict of Unseen Verses in the Holy Quran ", November 2016.

Scientific meetings and webinars

1- The capacities of Nahjul-Balaghah in the realization of Islamic state-building and socialization project supervising the declaration of the second step of the Islamic Revolution", September 2021.

2-  "Comparative view of different areas of women in the period before and after the Islamic Revolution", Janury 2021.

3- "Quranic principles of the statement of the second step of the Islamic Revolution and the forthcoming research opportunities", November 2020.

4- "Applied training of Thematic analysis method", July 2020.

5- "Methodology of Criticizing the Interpretive Views of Muslim Feminists", October 2019.

6- "Ayatollah Khamenei's interpretive method with emphasis on Surah Bara'at", November 2018.