Mohsen Badreh , Faculty Member of Alzahra University



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BOOK TRANSLATIONS (Scientific books and novels; English to Persian)-selected


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Neil Postman’s critical views about the possibility of education via TV; Tuesday, May, 2012; Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, Tehran.

Historiography of ‘sexuality in Iran’; May 2013; Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran.

Methodological reflections on the comparison of ‘Islamic feminism’ with Shite Ijtihad ; Conference on the works of Banoo Mojtahede Amin Esfahani, October 2013, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran.

A philosophical approach to the methodological components of ‘Islamic feminism’; November 2014; Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran.

Interpretation methodology of Islamic feminism; May 2016; Woman and Family Research Center; Qom, Iran.



14th course of Peace Studies and Conflict Transformations, Thailand, Bangkok (Nong Chock), 15-28 Oct. 2016, International Institute for Peace and Development (IIPDS)



Panel director of ‘reflections on the literature of Fatima Mernissi’; February 2016; Woman and Family Research Center; Qom, Iran.

Panel member of ‘Feminism in Iran’; February 2016; Alzahra University, Tehran.



Thinking legacy about women’s Issues in Muslim world (fall and winter 2016); Qom seminary for women, Qom, Iran. (Continuing)



Award For Attaining the First Position in Poem, I.R.Iran Ministry of Education Students Festival, Summer 2003, Ramsar, Iran.

Esfahan Book Festival Award for English to Persian Translation of (Abdelfattah, R (2006), Dose my head look big in this?); May 2013, Esfahan, Iran.

Esfahan Book Festival Award for English to Persian Translation of (Jonmohammed, Sh. Z., (2010-) Love in a headscarf- eshgh zire roosari); May 2014, Esfahan, Iran.



Co-Founder of Summer School of Dawat (, Faculty of Islamic Studies and Culture and Communication, Imam Sadiq University, the first course held September 2008.

Anthropological journey to Afghanistan and Tajikistan, Summer 2006.

Poet and prose writer.