Mohsen Badreh , Assistant professor of Family and Women’s Studies, University of Alzahra

Ph.D: Women's Studies (Tarbiat Modarres University)

B. A: Culture and Communication (Imam Sadiq University)

M. A: Culture and Communication (+Islamic Studies) (Imam Sadiq University)


Teaching Areas


 Islam and gender

 Women's rights in Islam

 Sociology of Gender

Philosophy of communication




University of Religions and Denominations and Islamic Open University (2021) for PhD students

Thinking legacy about women’s Issues in contemporary Muslim world

Courses at Alzahra University (2017-2021) (for BA and MA students) -selected

1) Women in Quran, 2) Tafsir of Quranic verses regarding women, 3) Woman in Religions; compared to Islam, 4) The development of women’s rights in Islamic history, 5) Arabic translation, 6) English for women’s Studies, 7) Sociology of gender.  




Alzahra University, MA Theses

Comparative study of women’s human development indicators (education, employment and childbearing) in Scandinavian and Islamic Asian countries, Zahra Aghaee, 2020-2021.

Socio-legal analysis of status of pre-divorce counseling in Chapter 2 of the Family Protection law, Mehri Allahverdi, 2020-2021.

Family communication patterns of single daughters in single-child families, Mona Askarpour, 2019-2021.

Islamic Consultative Assembly female MPs’ lived experience of contributing in the process of lawmaking, Maryam Abdolvand, 2020- .

Qualitative study of mother-daughter communication patterns and its effect on girls' marital relationship in married life, Maryam Mahmoudi, 2020- .

re¬reading of the temporary marriage of married men in Imami Fiqh, Faezeh Mousavi, 2021- .

Social and Psychological Causes of Self-immolation in Tribal and Rural Areas, Atefeh Rahmani, 2020-2021.


Mutual obedience of couples from the perspective of different interpretations of the Holy Quran, Zahra Sayyahi, 2020-2021.

Islamic Open University, MA Theses

An analysis of the Iranian youth’s narrative of love; Case study: The readers of the novel "Me Before You" by Jojo Moyes, Maryam Qodsi, Islamic Open University, 2019-2020.

A pathology of family communication of teen girls living in families with a stepparent, Maryam Kazemzadeh, Islamic Open University, 2019- .


University of Religions and Denominations, Phd Theses

A Social-lgegal research on the dignity of divorced women in Iraq, Sara Reza Abdurrahman Jadoe, 2021- .