Atefe Abdosalami, Faculty Member of Alzahra University


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  • Divine and Earthly Power in Moses of Michelangelo, International Conference on Research in Art, December 2016, Singapore
  • The Philosophy of Postmodernism, Its Scholars and Its Impact on Art, International Conference on Research in Art, December 2016, Singapore
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  • New aspects of future textile design: Biomimicry, opportunities and fields of application, Jelveye Honar Journal, 2015
  • Knitting; creativity and fashion, 2nd Crochet and Knitting Art conference, November 2014, Tehran


  • E-Textile, First International Conference on Textile and Fashion Design and Manufacturing: Sustainability Approach, Alzahra University, December 2018, Tehran, Iran
  • Methods of Teaching Art and Creativity in the USA Universities, Alzahra University, February 2017, Tehran, Iran
  • Textile futures; concepts and samples, 17th Course of Research and Technology Week, Alzahra University, January 2017, Tehran, Iran
  • Textile Design; from idea to final outcome, Alzahra University, November 2015, Tehran, Iran
  • Textile and Clothes Design Exhibition; for children, Alzahra University, October 2014, Tehran, Iran
  • Material Matters, The Design Journey, Victoria & Albert Museum, May 2010, London, UK
  • Creative Portfolio in Textile Design, CSM College of Art & Design, July 2008, London, UK
  • New Silk Route, University of Tehran & British Council, January 2007, Tehran, Iran