Alzahra University (01 - Now) :
             Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering Department
             Manager of Information Technology Research Center (06 - 08)
             Head of Computer Engineering Groups, Computer Engineering Department, (09 - now)
             Founder of Operating System Security Lab (OSSL) 
             Founder of Medical Image Processing Lab (MIPL)
             Founder of Face and Facial Expression Recognition Lab (FFERL)
             Founder of Web-based Anomaly Detection Lab (WADL)
             Founder of Optical Character Recognition Lab (OCRL)

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Group (06 - 07) :
             Expert Member

Iran Telecommunications Research Center (ITRC) :
Expert Member of Image Processing and Multimedia Working Group (03 - 04)
             Expert Member of Security Information and Systems Working Group (06 - 08)

Amirkabir University of Technology : 
             Adjunct Professor of Mathematics and Computer science Department
             Adjunct Professor of Information Technology Department

Sharif University of Technology:
             Adjunct Professor of Computer Engineering Department
             Adjunct Professor of Computer Engineering Department (Kish International Branch)

Emad Semi Conductor Company (05-06):
             Project Manager of MMS Project
             Project Manager of EMV Smart card Operating System Project



Dr. Reza Azmi

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